:\ i miss y’all. I always say ima post more but yeahhhh I never do.

Im hungry and can’t sleep, and my phone is as dry as chief keef’s knuckles. :(((

someone reblogged my butt, that’s the only reason I get new followers now. 😒

i’m going to see The Weeknd…….this weekend, and i still have nothing to wear. 

I haven’t been on here via my laptop in so long ion even know how to work this shit anymore >_

So I got my car yesterday, now I have to find a second job to maintain my car note and support my shopping habit. 😩😩

you ever try to make some one not like you on purpose? Yeah that’s my current situation. Obviously a simple “I don’t like you” doesn’t work these days.

Every morning I ask God to grant me patience for the day to deal with this job 😡

my blog is just basically collecting dust.

Just because I have no one to tell right now but my daddy so ill tell the internet…..but I got my manager training book today😊

I’ve pretty much abandoned my blog, tf these new followers come from all of a sudden?

I never know what to say on here anymore. 😞